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Key Insights

Each puzzle tells an amazing story of the avataara. Kids not only connect to the avataara, but also imbibe morals and ethos from the deeds done by Vishnu in that avataara.

daśāvatāra (set of 2)

MRP ₹ 1490 (per set)


Get all 10 avataara outlines as colouring pages, along with each dashavatara set.


The stories of Bhagavan Mahavishnu’s avataaras on the earth are very interesting and timeless. There are plenty of lessons to be learnt from each of those leelas.

Each of the two “dashavatara” sets contain jigsaw puzzles depicting 5 avataras of mahavishnu

The first set (red) contains

  • matsya avatara
  • kurma avatara
  • varaha avatara
  • narasimha avatara
  • vamana avatara

The second set (green) contains

  • parashurama avatara
  • sri rama avatara
  • balarama avatara
  • krishna avatara
  • kalki avatara

About the box (each set)

  • Box size: 295x200x40mm
  • 24 piece puzzle x 5 in each box
  • Fully assembled puzzle size: 297x210mm
  • Thick pieces when compared to a standard puzzle for ease of assembly
  • Ages 4+
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