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Key Insights

Kids build fascination by the stories of these vahanas carrying their respective devata. They also develop empathy towards animals and birds because of the divine connections.

devatā vāhanas


The imagery of our devis and devas not only serve the means of reaching them through different modes of worship, but also as symbols for divine principles and good thoughts. The vehicles associated with the devis and devas manifest these symbols.

The “devata vahanas” set contains 10 different  jigsaw puzzles of devas and devis seated on their respective mounts.

  • Brahma on Hamsa
  • Saraswati on Hamsa
  • Vishnu on Garuda
  • Lakshmi on Uluka
  • Shiva on Nandi
  • Parvati on Simha
  • Ganesha on Mushika
  • Kartikeya on Paravani
  • Indra on Airavatha
  • Yama on Paundraka

About the box

  • Box size: 120x60x45mm
  • 9 piece puzzle x 10 in the box
  • Fully assembled puzzle size: 148.5 x 210 mm
  • Ages 2+
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