The 10 avataras of mahavishnu are presented as jigsaw puzzles. The elegant paintings depict relevant significances of that avatara. Each set contains 5 jigsaw puzzles, along with a free set of 10 colouring pages covering all avataras.

ēkaślōkī rāmāyaṇa

A single jigsaw puzzle, based on the amazing shloka that unpacks the essence of Ramayana in a single verse. The painting and the accompanying transcribed text help kids learn the shloka as well as enjoy a rendering of the Ramayana. The puzzle comes with 6 free colouring pages.

śrī rāma paṭṭābhiṣēka

The beauty and grandeur of Sri Rama’s coronation has been recreated in an attractive artwork. The jigsaw puzzle based on this artwork makes the kids imagine the actual event and celebrate the divinity of Sri Rama. The puzzle comes with 6 free colouring pages

devatā vāhanas

The devata vahanas are a set of 10 puzzles based on devas, devis and their vehicles. Apparently, each vahana represent certain ethos and principles connected with the devata they serve. Each jigsaw puzzle helps kids connect to these meanings.