What is the best way to introduce children to puranas, itihasa?

While stories and videos are time tested and proven; Using games, puzzles and activities are bound to make an everlasting positive impression on the young minds.

At tritā, we are introducing attractively designed and highly interesting puzzles and games. These are crafted to satisfy the young and adult audience who are interested in deepening their connections to the Bharatiya Parampara.

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Smt Tanushri SN

Founder, tritā, rollthedice.in.

Tanushri is an entrepreneur, building products inspired by Bharatiya culture and traditions. She has been a technologist formerly, and has a Masters degree in Software Engineering. Being artistically driven, she initially built a small business of handmade jewellery which was received very well by patrons across the country.

She has been introducing and propagating traditional Indian board games at rollthedice.in since the past two years, to great success. One of the unique value additions for rollthedice products has been documenting the various modes of play prevalent across different regions of the country.

tritā is her endeavour to build very interesting, engaging and culturally inspired activity sets for the new generation of kids across the world.

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