kalki avatara

यदावतीर्णो भगवान् कल्किर्धर्मपतिर्हरि: ।
कृतं भविष्यति तदा प्रजासूतिश्च सात्त्विकी ॥
yadāvatīrṇo bhagavān kalkir dharma-patir hariḥ |
kṛtam bhaviṣyati tadā prajā-sūtiś ca sāttvikī ||
When Bhagawan Vishnu appears on earth as Kalki, the maintainer of dharma, Satya-yuga will begin, and people will generally start becoming better.

A short story of the kalki avatara

In Kaliyuga, evil is present everywhere. There’s so much bad happening in the world, it becomes almost a sin to have any virtues. Maha Vishnu is expected to adorn the Kalki avatara and destroy all the evil along with most of the worlds, so that good things start happening again from scratch.

Kalki is said to ride a snow-white horse. He shall be carrying a flaming sword and burn all the evil doers to flames.

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Watch a 9 minutes video from the movie Dashavataara (kannada) that shows the context of Kalki Avatara and the climax of the avatara.