varaha avatara

सूकर रूपक दानव शत्रु |
भूमि विधारक यज्ञ वरांग ||
sūkara rūpaka dānava śatru |
bhūmi vidhāraka yajña varāṅga ||

Dwadasha Stotra by Sri Madhwacharya
Salutations unto You, who have assumed the form of a tortoise,
whose form consists of transcendental goodness.
Unto You, whose position is not discernible; are unaffected by time; the great one who can go everywhere; I bow to thee, again and again.


A short story of the varaha avatara

In the Satya yuga, Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu – sons of the sage Kashyapa performed penance. They obtained the power of invincibility from Brahma. They then started harassing people on the Bhoomi and Devas. Hiranyaksha carried the Bhoomi and placed it at the bottom of the cosmic ocean.

The devas who were helpless against the brothers, went and beseeched Maha Vishnu to destroy Hiranyaksha and rescue the Bhoomi.

Vishnu then took on the Varaha avatara (form of a wild boar), and went to the bottom of the ocean. He fought with Hiranyaksha and killed him. He carried Bhoomi out of the ocean, lifting it between his tusks and restored her to her rightful place in the cosmos.

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Watch a 9 minutes video from the movie Dashavataara (kannada) that shows the context of Varaha Avatara and the climax of the avatara.