Indra is the king of the Devas. He represents the power of the lightening which dwells in the clouds. He is also the god of rains.



Airavata represents the white clouds that appear after the rains – Indra riding on the white clouds throws thunder bolts and force the dark clouds to shed rain and clear the sky.

Indra Airavatha


Lord Indra, the chief of Gods approached Lord Brahma, the creator requesting for a mount. Brahma agreed the chief of Gods would need a suitable carrier and asked him to wait till he finds a suitable mount.

During the Samudra manthana, the churning of the milky ocean in quest of the elixir, Amrutha, Airavata or the celestial white elephant emerged. Lord Brahma asked if Indra considers this majestic flying elephant worthy to be Indra’s mount.

Lord Indra was very pleased to accept Airavatha as his carrier and mount.